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Logo LibraJus immagineThe legal network LibraJus was created in 2006 by four Italian law firms: Studio Legale Coaccioli in Perugia, Studio Munari Giudici Maniglio Panfili in Genoa, Studio Legale Persiani-Rizzo in Rome e Studio Legale Bonora e Associati in Milan. It represents the natural development of their collaboration and relations.
The network effectively integrates the expertise and resources of member firms, creating a streamlined, flexible and able to offer its clients legal services specialized and focused on the personal relationship and trust with the single lawyer as well as an important presence on the Italian territory (Milan, Genoa, Perugia, Roma).

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Studio Legale Bonora e associati

Bonora e Associati Law Firm was established in 2000 and currently comprises thirteen lawyers who have had experience in other law firms and consulting firms.
The firm specialises mainly in banking and finance, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and utilities, with particular reference to energy.
The firm also deals regularly with issues of labour law, law of international contracts, information technology and protection of personal information.

Piazzetta Umberto Giordano, 4 MAP
20122 MILAN (Italy)
MORETel. (+39)
Fax (+39)

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Munari Giudici Maniglio Panfili e associati

We work principally in the areas of business regulation and antitrust, company law, commercial law and labour law. We also provide expert support in human rights law, family law and child protection, at national and European levels. The firm is the Global Law Experts Practice Awards winner 2014 and the Corporate Intl Legal Awards winner 2014 and 2015 as Maritime Law Firm of the Year in Italy. We often work, both at national and international level. We create small teams of lawyers to deal with cases, both in consulting and litigation activities, offering the most efficient permutation of skills and expertises. Our lawyers began their professional careers in general legal practice before moving on to their areas of specialisation. Such an approach provides them with a solid grounding in broader and often interrelated legal issues. We strongly believe that in the Italian legal environment a lawyer cannot be fully successful in consultancy without a strong litigation background, and viceversa. Accordingly, in the presentation of our services we do not make any distinction between litigation and consultancy services.

Largo San Giuseppe, 3/23bMap
16121 GENOA (Italy)  
MORETel: (+39) 010.5957726
Fax (+39) 010.580161


Global award winner 2014
Corporate INTL legal awards 2015

Studio Legale Coaccioli

The Perugia-based Studio Legale Coaccioli, was established in 1984.
The firm offers consultancy and assistance, through the courts and by alternative dispute resolution, in national and international fields.  We largely deal in commercial and corporate law, banking law, economic criminal law, bankruptcy law, labour law, industrial property law and property law.
The firm has well-established links with lawyers in a number of legal practises within and outside Europe.
Its principal clients are banks, small and medium enterprises in Italy and abroad, and industry associations.

Piazza Alfani, 4MAP
06122 PERUGIA (Italy)
MORETel. (+39) 075 5730195
Fax (+39) 075 5735676


Studio Legale Persiani-Rizzo

Studio Legale Persiani-Rizzo (in its current form) was established in 1990, and has continued the work begun in 1960 by Romolo Persiani.
The firm offers consultancy and assistance nationally and internationally in corporate, commercial, bankruptcy, property, transport, family and minor law, as well as in enforcement procedures.
The firm uses the most up-to-date IT technology, including videoconferencing.  It is also connected online to a range of databases including the Supreme Court and legal lists through the PolisWeb connection.

Via Toscana, 10MAP
00187 ROME (Italy)
MORETel. (+39) 06 42820025
Fax (+39) 06 42814084


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